About the Company

A startup that is the brainchild of a seasoned inventor and a skilled team of beauty industry experts, RevAir is a high-tech beauty company that looks beyond convention to create exceptionally effective personal care solutions. Their Shopify ecommerce website is their primary sales channel and interface with potential and current customers.


  • Create a site that wows customers and looks great on mobile devices
  • Incorporate autoplay mood video as the first element on the home page to convey the brand’s feel and visual story
  • Integrate seamlessly with Shopify store for sales and with Zendesk chat for customer support
  • Meet fast launch timeline and quickly add features and functionality to stay on top of growing needs
  • Add custom, interactive features that drive conversions and help customers learn about the product
  • Make simple, beautiful UI with a clear path from first view to purchase


RevAir’s unique and creative Shopify ecommerce site is full of beautiful design elements and custom functionality details. Check out the live site to experience the home page hero background video, popup video lightboxes, interactive sliders, draggable before/after comparison images, in-depth product features, and much more.

RevAir had a fast timeline, custom designs with PSD mockups/wireframes for nearly every page, and a number of needed functionalities. They needed a website as unique and cutting-edge as their product. We were able to create the entire site in Shopify for a seamless integration between their home page, informational pages, and online store. Thousands of lines of custom code later, they have a website that makes them proud and acts as the centerpiece for selling their products.

[in conjunction with Kangabloo Creative; visual design by RevAir/Kristi Stewart]

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