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Unceasing Worship
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_Unceasing Worship_ is a worthwhile read, my friends. I enjoy Harold Best’s writing for two reasons: 1) He actually has something to say, and 2) he says it well. Essentially, his book is a theology of continous worship — biblical and practical underpinnings for the notion that everyone is already worshiping someone or something. Best contends that we should retire our question “Am I worshiping?” and replace it with a different question: “_Who_ am I worshiping at this moment?” Sin, then, is misdirected worship — idolatry — whereby we cease worshiping God and start worshiping something or someone else. I have heard the concern raised before that by emphasizing the continuity of worship in an individual’s life, we deemphasize the importance and uniqueness of corporate worship (why should I go to church if I can and should worship God all the time on my own?). Best answers this objection by spending several chapters toward the end of Part 1 specifically addressing the critical place of corporate worship. Then in Part 2 he focuses on how the arts, creativity and culture relate to worship.

I am quite sure that this explanation does not do justice to the book; if you have read the book and have thoughts to add, please post a comment. As for Best’s writing itself, I’ll just say that he is one of those authors who has such a powerful command of the English language that he can manage to be simultaneously thorough and concise — and that’s difficult. It is a book that requires slow reading because he has carefully chosen each word to convey exactly what he means. You know what I’m talking about if you have ever read a book like that. In any case, it sent some thoughts rolling around in my head (some people would say there’s a good bit of room for them to roll there, but I digress). And you, my lucky(?) guinea pigs, get to read what comes out when it hasn’t steeped in the stew for quite long enough, and I don’t know if even I agree with what I’m saying.

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  1. heh heh… for anyone who is confused as to _why_ brandon wants to be a pig satisfied, you can “click here”:https://www.utilitarianism.com/mill2.htm and read the second chapter of John Stuart Mill’s ??Utilitarianism??. Or if you’re lazy, you can hit Ctrl+F, search for “pig,” and only read the single paragraph. :)

    So here’s a philosophy question to add to the thread: Is it better to be a terribly unhappy human or a blissfully happy pig? Maybe I’ll make a poll about that…

  2. J: yeah, a bank clock that i drove past this morning said it was -1°, so who knows what the wind chill was. probably around -18°. so if you want to feel better about the temperature where you live, just drop by my blog. unless you live in winnipeg or something. then i’m afraid it won’t help you.

    to all of you: if you would rather not be a guinea pig, what animal would you be? (recognize that either way i still reserve the right to experiment on you) -T

  3. ahhh, Gavin DeGraw. Nice to see you’ve stepped on the bandwagon of “Chariot”, “I Don’t Want to be” and my personal favorite, “Chemical Party”, endlessly going through your head. (along with the other thoughts regarding the place for corp. worship, etc, etc, etc.)
    I don’t think it’s been warmer than 12 degrees in DeKalb the last couple of times I’ve dropped by your page. Holy Mittens Batman.
    …and I’m not a guinea pig……I’m a gerbil, thank you very much.