‘Tis The Season Video

Heads up! This post was published about 13 years ago.

Since I’m way too busy during the holidays to write an actual post, here is a video that pokes fun at how busy and distracted we are during the holidays.  Oh, the irony.

We showed this as part of our Advent Conspiracy sermon series, which challenges what Christmas has become in USAmerican culture.  Thanks to Tanya for acting, Jackie for script-writing, and Kenneth for manning the microphone boom!

Advent Conspiracy is a movement promoting a different kind of Christmas, one in which we give presence, not presents.  You can find out more about Advent Conspiracy at their website, https://www.adventconspiracy.org.

3 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season Video

  1. very nice… great script! where’d you guys shoot it? oh, and I could see the mic boom’s reflection in the store windows… that’s pretty funny.

  2. Thanks!

    haha yeah… we tried our best to avoid the mic reflection by changing the camera angle, but there were SO MANY WINDOWS. 🙂

    It was shot in downtown Plainfield, IL. They’ve done quite a bit to renovate that strip of stores. It’s a pretty cool place.

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