A Difficult But Much-Needed Prayer

Sunset Fire

This is a tough prayer. It is a prayer for anyone who is probing the extent of his own selfishness and gathering his wits to fight it. It is a prayer for anyone who feels like her faith is real but her mind and heart still belong to herself instead of to God. It is a prayer for you and me—people who too often worship the gods of comfort and convenience, but desire the courage to ask for something greater.

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Work and Rest // Tension and Synergy

rope - frayed

Anyone serving in a church, paid or unpaid, can identify with the strain Glenn Packiam shares in his recent post about the tension between busy church life and the contemplative life at rest in Jesus. In it he quotes Gregory (Bishop of Rome, b. 540), who wrote: “On every side I am tossed by the […]

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A Prayer for a Lenten Evening

Thanks to Thomas à Kempis for this gem from The Imitation of Christ. It’s a perfect prayer for a Lenten evening. Grant me Your grace, O most merciful Jesus, that it may be with me, and work with me, and remain with me to the very end. Grant that I may always desire and will […]

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