Violin, Cello String Arrangements

Heads up! This post was published about 10 years ago.

celloThanks to the notational labors of my dear friend and cellist extraordinaire Jon Wiest, I’m able to post some of the string parts we’ve arranged for our worship gatherings over the past year. Of course, strings are C instruments, so you can use these parts with any C instruments you want (but beware the occasional tenor clef). If you use these, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) We improvise. A lot. So while some of these have notated parts for the full song, many of them will have chorus/bridge parts but leave you to improvise using chord tones on the verses, etc. Sometimes a part will just drop out because that player was improvising (for instance, no cello part means the cellist was playing bass notes from the chord chart for that section). If you’re looking for instrumental parts for a large ensemble or you need entire songs written out, you should check out Praise Charts or similar sites.

2) We chose whatever key fit our vocalists and congregation best, so they are not usually in the original keys. But let’s be honest—your congregation can’t sing in the original key, either, so just be nice to them and use these keys. 🙂

3) There are no lyrics and usually no chords because of copyright, so while the song sections are labeled, you’ll need to pair these with chord charts to make them useful. We use charts from SongSelect, so often these arrangements will fit well with SongSelect chord charts.

4) We’re sharing these as Creative Commons CC BY-NC. That means you can use/remix them, but please give attribution (within reason, of course—if you’re using them in your church’s worship services, don’t worry about it, but for anything else, please attribute). Also, you cannot use them commercially/for profit without permission. Click the link above for more info. Contact us if you have questions. And please let us know how you are using them! We love hearing what you’re up to.

As we arrange more, we’ll post updates here.

Key: Vn=violin | Va=viola | Vc=cello || Br=bridge | Ch=chorus | I=intro | PC=prechorus | V=verse
When a cello part drops out, play bass notes through that section.

Amazing Grace (My Chains)Chris TomlinEVn, Va, VcChPDF
BreatheCharlie HallAVn, VcAllPDF
Death in His GraveJohn Mark McMillanDVn, VcI, Ch, BrPDF
Forever ReignHillsongCVn, Va, VcCh, BrPDF
Give Me JesusFernando OrtegaAVn, VcAllPDF
How Can I Keep From SingingChris TomlinGVn, VcI, Ch, BrPDF
I Am FreeJared AndersonAVnCh, BrPDF
In Christ AloneKing’s KaleidoscopeEVn, VcAllPDF
My Heart Is OverwhelmedHillsongDVn, VcI, V2, BrPDF
O Worship the KingChris TomlinGVn, VcI, ChPDF
Oh Love That Will Not Let Me GoRobbie Seay BandCVn, VcV, Ch, InstPDF
One Pure and Holy PassionPassion Worship B.AVn, VcAllPDF
Our GodChris TomlinGVn, Va, VcIPDF
Take My Life and Let It BeChris TomlinDVn, Va, VcCh, EndPDF
The Lost Are FoundHillsongAVn, VcI, Ch, BrPDF
The StandHillsongAVn, VcPC, ChPDF
With EverythingHillsong (2009)AVn, VcAllPDF
YahwehHillsongAVn, VcAllPDF
You Love Me AnywaySidewalk ProphetsDVn, Va, VcAllPDF
Your Love Is StrongJon ForemanBVn, Va, VcAllPDF


Angels We Have Heard on HighNorth PointEVn, VcI, BrPDF
Born in BethlehemThird DayDVn, VcAllPDF
Christ the Lord Is Risen TodayOur VersionAVn, VcI, Ch, V4PDF
O Come All Ye FaithfulNorth PointEVn, VcI, ChPDF
The First NoelPhil WickhamDVn, VcI, VPDF

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