Okay all, here is an encouragement to think outside the box when it comes to illustrating your services & series… just do something different!

I¬†chiseled some rocks. I suppose I’m returning to my roots in some way, since my last name is Mason.

Our creative arts team at church was searching for an interesting way to highlight this message series. We decided to make a rock garden that would remind people of the attributes & characteristics of God we have been discussing and add visual interest to the garden area outside the church entrance. Each week a new rock appears with that week’s word engraved on it.

My friend Connie and I have been chiseling words into the rocks. The first step is to pencil a word on the rock. Second, we use a thin chisel to form the grooves of the letters:

Chiseling a rock

Third, we use one corner of a wide flat chisel (sitting on the table in the pictures) to widen the letters and make them more uniform. After chiseling, the rock looks like this:

A rock after chiseling

Finally, Connie seals the rock, stains the inside of the letters to make them darker, applies a faux finish to add some color, and protects the rock with a special varnish. Each finished rock’s color is different.

The final product

Edit: Now I would use a Dremel tool to do this!¬† If you’re going to be doing any stonework, do yourself a favor and get one…

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