Speaker cab construction 3

Heads up! This post was published about 13 years ago.

Since the last post, I finished staining the cab.  I used Minwax Red Mahogany on the box and Varathane Summer Oak on the speaker baffle.  Before staining soft woods like pine, it’s important to use a wood conditioner so that the wood stains evenly.  I used Varathane wood conditioner, but any will do.

After staining, I applied three coats of semi-gloss polyurethane to the box, sanding lightly between each coat with fine sandpaper (220 or 320 grit).  I’m really happy with the color and sheen.  I debated between semi-gloss and glossy;  while I liked the glossy look, I was afraid there would be too much reflection off the cab from stage lighting.  After three coats of semi-gloss, I’m glad I went with that finish.

In this picture, the box has been stained and polyurethaned, but the speaker baffle has not.

Rear braces with a hole cut for the jackplate…

I added casters to the bottom of the cab.  It will be much easier to move that way.  If they rattle when I play, though, I’m taking them off.  Basically, they’re on probation.  We’ll see if they get chucked or not.