Speaker cab construction 2

Heads up! This post was published about 13 years ago.

This part of the project has been about gluing and sanding… lots and lots of sanding.  Here are some more pics…

Getting ready to glue a brace.  I used the bracing technique described on the Dr. ZEE Workshop 2×8 cabinet project page. My cab is going to look quite different, but his instructions were helpful.

I clamped each brace before screwing it in so that it wouldn’t move.

I used larger clamps to put pressure on each side as the glue began to dry and I screwed the sides into the braces.

Here’s a close-up of how the sides are connected to the bottom:

Next up: Choosing stain colors for the box and the baffle, more sanding, staining, and polyurethane for shine and protection.