Negative Space and the Shape of Our Lives

Heads up! This post was published about 12 years ago.

In photography and art, there is a concept called negative space.

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Negative Space

In each of these photographs, the negative space surrounding the subject “makes” the photo, revealing the beauty of the subject.

Simplicity (Explored)

What we might be tempted to call “emptiness” actually provides context and balance to the image, allowing us to see the subject in a new way.

rusty chain

I’ve been reading some blog posts Justin McRoberts wrote about rest & the Sabbath. In one he says, “…it’s been the discipline of silence/stillness that [has] given meaning and life to the rest, the same way Sabbath gives meaning and shape to all other days of the week.”

Negative Space

Sabbath is like negative space in our lives.  It is not the day when what is meaningful stops; it is the day that imbues our other days with meaning, giving shape and context to our activity.

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  1. Tristan I have been reading your blogs and appreciate the thought and heart that you put into them.
    Everyone is pointed, thoughtful, and helpful to think in a broader perspective or a different way entirely.
    And….. I love the blog design!
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