Arrowhead: The Cabin, Part 2

Heads up! This post was published about 14 years ago.

Well, the cabin is on the trailer. THAT was hairy. The video makes it look kind of easy because I couldn’t film while we were trying not to die. Okay, it wasn’t quite that bad, but what you don’t see on the video is that we had to turn the cabin after we got it on the trailer so that it would be in line with the trailer instead of perpendicular to it. So we jacked it up again, blocked it again, backed it under as much as we could, lowered it, drilled through some floor joists, ran tow straps through the joists, winched it further onto the trailer with a comealong, built a frame around it, and then strapped the frame to the trailer so the cabin wouldn’t move. Tomorrow morning the moment of truth will come when we move it…

3 thoughts on “Arrowhead: The Cabin, Part 2

  1. T, the video was awesome! We are rolling with laughter! I think you could have built a new cabin with less stress to yourselves. Anyway, thanks for the a.m. pick-up–sure made my day!

    Come home soon–

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    By the way great recording!

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