A new amp and cab

Heads up! This post was published about 13 years ago.

After 12 years of playing guitar, I’m finally going to buy an electric guitar amp.  Okay, so technically it’s not my first.  My first amp was a weather-beaten 1962 Gibson Super-Medalist that had sat unused in an outdoor pavilion for years until I told the owner I would weed-eat at his camp for 3 days straight if he gave it to me.  It had leaky capacitors and dead tubes, and it shocked me viciously right through my guitar’s strings every time I touched a grounded surface while playing.  I think it’s still sitting in a friend’s basement… who knows, maybe I’ll restore it someday.

Anyway, for a while I’ve been using my Boss GT-8 pedal (see this old post), which models various amps and effects, and I think it produces some good sounds (like the electric on this recording)… but sometimes you just need a real amp.  Maybe I’m being superstitious and old-skool, but I’m gonna say it anyway: When it comes to guitar amps, there’s still nothing that sounds quite as good as tubes.  They distort gracefully, and solid state has nothing on the interest, character, and warmth of their sound.

Stulce SA10 amp head
Stulce SA-10H amp head

Stulce SA-10H amp head

I’m waiting to hear about an amp head from Stulce Amps… it looks like it might be the one.  I’m also in the process of building a 2×12 cabinet loaded with Tone Tubby speakers.  Construction pics to come!