Lighting Design on a Dime

Cheap lighting design ideas for churches and nonprofits: completely change the look of a room with just a few lights, gobos, and color gels. Read more for photo examples, specifics about the equipment we used, and how to keep costs down.

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Liturgy Ancient and Modern

The New Liturgicals series of posts explores why many Evangelicals moved away from traditional liturgy, how liturgy works on us as human beings, and how we can approach it in ways that bring new life from old roots. The series was largely motivated by James K.A. Smith’s book Imagining the Kingdom: How Worship Works, which […]

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Work and Rest // Tension and Synergy

rope - frayed

Anyone serving in a church, paid or unpaid, can identify with the strain Glenn Packiam shares in his recent post about the tension between busy church life and the contemplative life at rest in Jesus. In it he quotes Gregory (Bishop of Rome, b. 540), who wrote: “On every side I am tossed by the […]

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